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Anti Snoring

Snoring can cause a number of problems, both for the person who snores and their partner. The most obvious is broken sleep, which makes you tired, sleepy and listless during the day, less effective at work and can increase stress levels. It can also cause headaches and loss of sex drive.

Snoring can be a symptom of a more serious condition called Obstructive Sleep Apnoea, where the patient actually stops breathing while they sleep, causing an adrenalin rush which wakes them. This can happen a number of times in a night, and yet the sufferer may not even be aware of it. OSA can cause increased blood pressure and there is an increased risk of diabetes.

The causes of snoring

When you sleep, the muscles in your neck relax, and under certain conditions this can cause the soft tissue in your upper throat to vibrate, which makes you snore. The relaxation of your muscles causes your airway to partially close – if you suffer from OSA, the airway closes completely.

Men tend to snore more often than women because they have have more tissue around the neck. Other factors which contribute to snoring include excess body weight, age, drinking alcohol or taking sleeping tablets, or simply the way we are built.

How we can help

Our custom-made Sleepwell appliance provides an ideal treatment that is clinically proven but does not require surgery or intrusive facial masks.


It is a little like a mouthguard, and is placed in the mouth before going to sleep. It has been designed for maximum comfort, so will not keep you awake.

It works by holding the lower jaw forward slightly – usually by only 2-3mm, which eases the pressure at the back of your throat and stops or reduces your snoring. It really is that simple!

To find out more, please ask us about arranging a consultation with our Sleepwell specialist Mike Hickley. You may also like to visit www.solutions4snoring.com.

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