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Quick Straight Teeth, Wirral

With treatment times as short as 6 months, Quick Straight Teeth provides a quick and efficient way to transform your smile. Our team understands the common concerns patients have when it comes to orthodontic treatment, which is why we have chosen to provide Quick Straight Teeth. We prioritize addressing the most common fears, including concerns about appearance, treatment duration, and discomfort.

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Your Invisible Pathway to a Flawless Smile

Near Invisible

With Quick Straight Teeth™ invisible braces, most people won't even realise you have braces as the tooth-coloured brackets will blend into your mouth. Experience the confidence of a transformed smile without sacrificing aesthetics.

Fast Results

Our treatments for teeth straightening typically range from 4 to 24 weeks, depending on the complexity of your case. Say goodbye to long, drawn-out treatments and hello to the smile of your dreams with Quick Straight Teeth.


As gold standard orthodontics, we ensure optimal comfort for all of our patients. We take pride in utilising high-quality products, with many of them sourced from the renowned brand 3M.

Two Options

Quick Straight Teeth offers patients the choice between two effective options: a clear aligner system and an invisible brace solution. Whether you prefer the convenience of removable aligners or the discreetness of fixed braces, we have the right solution for you.

Quick Straight Teeth Options

Fixed Braces

QST Dentists exclusively use 3M brackets for reliable performance and near invisibility. Tooth-coloured wires enhance the aesthetic appeal. QST focuses on mild misalignments, targeting the front 6 or 8 teeth for a transformed smile.

Minimal force is required due to its limited scope, reducing discomfort associated with traditional treatments. QST ensures effectiveness, patient comfort, and outstanding results without compromising aesthetics or well-being. Experience the difference with Quick Straight Teeth.

Q Removable Braces

Our clear teeth straightening system is designed to be quick, discreet, and cost-effective, providing an excellent alternative for patients who prefer not to use metal braces.

What sets Quick Straight Teeth apart from other invisible braces available in the UK is our unique approach. We have developed a range of five highly advanced teeth straightening appliances called Q Appliances. Unlike relying on a single standard aligner, our Q Appliances offer versatility and customization to suit individual needs. This ensures an optimal treatment experience and outstanding results.

Quick Straight Teeth Results

Case Study

Take a look firsthand at the real results of Quick Straight Teeth. Don’t just take our word for the greatness of this treatment – see the transformative effects it’s had on our patients smiles and lives.

The Process

At Redcliffe Dental Practice, we're proud to offer Invisalign, one of the most in-demand orthodontic treatment options for adults.

Free Consultation

Begin with a free consultation, followed by a tailored treatment plan. Witness your teeth's transformation journey, from initial positioning to their perfect alignment, guided by our professional clinicians.

Receive Your Invisalign

Get your custom-made Invisalign aligners tailored to your specific needs for a comfortable, effective, and nearly invisible teeth straightening process.

Regular Check-Ins

Each aligner is worn for two weeks, progressively moving your teeth towards the desired position. Regular 6 to 8-week check-ins ensure we monitor your progress and provide your next set of aligners.


Experience the joy of a dream-come-true smile. Bringing you newfound confidence and a refreshed appearance you've always desired.

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Client Feedback

Tommy Hair

Thank you Tom and the rest of the Redcliffe team for my beautiful teeth transformation. I am now so in love with my new smile and it’s all thanks to you. Great staff, amazing prices and FABULOUS results, best dentist around, definitely recommend! The treatment I had was composite bonding. Thank you again.

Debbie Singleton

Having avoided the dentist for too long I chose Redcliffe because of the It's Been a While section on the website. Everyone from my initial contact with the reception team, my first appointment with Claire, root canal with Tom and visit to Jay the hygienist has been reassuring and provided excellent care. Would highly recommend Redcliffe.

Andy Abram

I’ve been with Redcliffe for over 15 years and I can honestly say that they are brilliant.I have had plenty done in that time - fillings, root canal and an implant and all have been executed with professionalism and skill.I totally respect Claire’s opinion and experience, and trust her to offer the best advice and treatment.The hygienists have all been great too.I cannot recommend Redcliffe enough.

Roy H

Having had a dental phobia for 50+ years, I was terrified on my first visit to Redcliffe. They have been completely brilliant, with their care, patience and expertise, and have completely restored my smile, just in time for my daughter's wedding. For the first time in decades, I've been able to smile and laugh without any embarrassment. I can't thank Massie enough and wouldn't hesitate to recommend them. I just wish I could have done this years ago! Don't hesitate, they're just fantastic!

David McMillan

Claire and her team at Redcliffe Dental provide an OUTSTANDING and five star service. The practice has a unique blend of professionals ranging from standard dental care and hygienists to implant dentist catering for every possible requirement of modern dentistry with state of the art dental technology. I can't recommend them highly enough.

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