Dental Sedation

Fresh confidence for even the most nervous of patients

Here at our Neston practice we’re used to seeing patients who feel particularly nervous about visiting the dentist. And it’s certainly not a problem confined to our part of the Wirral! A surprisingly large number of people have had a negative experience in the past, encountered an unsympathetic dentist, or simply have a fear of tooth extraction and other invasive treatments. Unfortunately, these understandable concerns can lead to untreated problems which get worse rather than better.

Our clinicians and staff have every sympathy with nervous patients. We do our best to make everyone who visits our practice feel relaxed and, above all, comfortable during their treatment. But we do recognise that sometimes, our most nervous patients need some additional assistance.

How dental sedation works

Dental sedation allows patients to undergo dental treatment without fear. Patients remain awake during treatment but in a relaxed, drowsy state which is free of anxiety as well as pain.

If you choose to have dental sedation, you’ll be able to return home as soon as your treatment is complete. However, it is advisable to have a friend or family member pick you up from the practice and it is best that you do not drive until the day after.