Looking for a dentist on the Wirral?

From your new patient consultation through to treatment completion and ongoing care, we take all the time we need to ensure your long-term dental health and confident smile.


I'm new to the area



Searching for a new dentist in Wirral or the surrounding areas?

Our caring team of Dental Practitioners will listen to your unique needs without passing judgement and will recommend bespoke treatment solutions just for you.

We provide a full range of dental treatments, from comprehensive general dental care to more specialised treatments such as dental implants, cosmetic and aesthetic dentistry and adult orthodontics.


New patient extensive dental examination

We do not want to hurry this very important first meeting. We'll listen carefully to what you want to achieve and we will do all we can to fulfill your smile aspirations and needs.

Your dentist will thoroughly examine your teeth and gums and possibly take some X-rays. If you are apprehensive about visiting a dentist then put your mind at rest as we are very patient and understand that some people are nervous.

Following examination, we will explain in full what (if any) treatment is needed, and we will give you a full treatment plan with costs.

Building long-term relationships

We are interested in building a long-term relationship with you and our approach is underpinned by trust and choice. Therefore, whatever your needs, remember we are here to help you in any way possible.


I need a new smile



A brand new smile makeover is no longer just for the rich and famous - it's accessible for anyone who is unhappy with their teeth.

With full control over what you would like to achieve, our smile makeover service typically consists of a blend of different cutting-edge treatments and techniques. We will spend time discussing what you currently like about your smile, and which features you would like to change.

Your new smile may be possible to complete in just a few weeks, or it may be phased over a period of time if that's more convenient for you.

We offer a range of cosmetic treatments that can enhance your smile, including teeth whitening; dental veneers and composite bonding; teeth straightening options such as Invisalign®, Six Month Smiles® and Quick Straight teeth; and dental implants for missing teeth.

It's been a while



Don’t worry if its been a while since you attended your last dental check-up. We’ve all been guilty of avoiding the dentist chair at some point in our lives, but its important to address any health concerns before they become a complex or costly.

The state of your teeth can often signal systemic problems and indicate your overall well-being. For this reason, we strongly advise you attend regular dental check-ups to maintain the health and hygiene of your mouth.

No matter how long it’s been, or the current state of your teeth, you should never feel like you're a lost cause.

Redcliffe Dental Practice can diagnose, treat and manage your overall oral healthcare needs, and we always say that the first step in your journey back to dental health is an informal discussion with one of our caring, approachable team members.

If necessary, Redcliffe Dental Practice can restore your smile through a range of restorative treatments. Our experts have carried out several years of additional study to gain clinical experience and expertise. This means they will usually treat the more difficult, complex dental issues, including major reconstruction following accidents or oral cancer.

We may recommend routine dentistry, dental implants for missing teeth or hygiene services to boost your oral health.

If you have a long-standing dental issue that's been troubling you, then get in touch today.


Emergency / I'm in pain



If you have a dental emergency,
please telephone us on 0151 336 3012

When you experience pain, or have sustained a dental injury, all you want is someone to help and to know the root cause. After all, pain is a response that tells the body that something is wrong.

We offer quick and convenient appointments to deal with your emergency and wherever possible we endeavour to see patients with a dental problem within 24 hours.

Our dentists at Redcliffe Dental Practice will relieve your dental discomfort as soon as they can.

We will perform diagnostic tests such as X-rays to determine the source of the pain, plus recommend appropriate dental treatment.

Emergency appointments are available throughout the week, and on Saturdays.

I'm a nervous patient



Our clinicians and staff have every sympathy with nervous patients. It may be the whole experience that worries you, or perhaps just one aspect.

Whatever your concerns are, please do let us know about them. We will take the time to talk with you, to understand and address your concerns. If you prefer, we can do this in a non-dental environment.

We can take things as slowly as you like – time is not an issue and we do not want you to feel at all pressured or rushed. We will make sure that you feel comfortable and at ease at all times.

We have had enormous success in helping even the most anxious of patients overcome their concerns about dental visits.  In fact, we are so good at this that many other dentists in the region refer their anxious and nervous patients to us.

Going at your pace, we'll ensure that you are able to attend regular appointments with minimum anxiety. We've invested in the best equipment and training - allowing you to feel at ease and to overcome your fears.

We offer Dental Sedation

If you still feel you need an extra helping hand to get you through an appointment or procedure, we offer sedation, carried out by our consultant anaesthetic specialist.

We do our best to make everyone who visits our practice feel relaxed during their treatment. But we do recognise that sometimes, our most nervous patients need some additional assistance.

Dental sedation allows patients to undergo dental treatment without fear. Patients remain awake during treatment but in a relaxed, drowsy state which is free of anxiety as well as pain.

If you choose to have dental sedation, you’ll be able to return home as soon as your treatment is complete. However, it is advisable to have a friend or family member pick you up from the practice and it is best that you do not drive until the day after.

If you’ve been avoiding the dentist, call us today and see how we could help you.

I'm moving dentists



When talking to new patients, we find there are several different reasons for their change in dental practice. Some patients are unhappy with the results of their existing dental work; some experience difficulty in making appointments; and occasionally, a patient's dentist has simply retired and they need a new one. 

Whatever the reason, we're focused on delivering the highest standard of modern dentistry and patient care. Combining our clinical skills, expertise and excellence in customer care, we directly address your patient needs - whether that's a brilliant white smile, straighter teeth, a complete smile makeover, or replacing missing teeth with dental implants.

Delivered with kindness and with a focus on getting to know you, we take real pride in providing first-class dentistry to patients across Wirral and the surrounding areas such as Neston, Heswall, North Wales and Chester.

Our investment in training and staff development translates into clinical excellence, ensuring that our patients maintain healthier teeth and gums, an enhanced smile and fresher breath.