Sedation - What you need to know.


‘I’m terrified of the dentist. I haven’t been for years. My teeth are in bad shape. But I just can’t face going.’

Sound familiar? Well, although we are sad to say it - you are not alone. At least once a week we hear a sad story about a patient who has neglected their teeth due to a dental phobia. 

Don’t worry - we hear you!

Dentistry in the not so good old days could often be something to fear. Noisy, slow rotating drills, painful injections and dare I say often pain…..

For those of you who are still reading this, and not hiding under your bed, or behind a sofa, we are pleased to tell you that dentistry has moved on.

Technology has moved on, as have techniques, anesthesia and pain relief are now such that trips to see us are often pain free.

However for those who are extremely worried, are undergoing a very large treatment plan (such as implants) or those who have genuine phobias of dentistry, can choose sedation.

Below are the 8 things you need to know about sedation at Redcliffe.

1) What is sedation?

Unlike an injection in your mouth, intravenous sedation is given through a small injection, usually into the back of your hand. Some numbing cream is placed in the area before the needle is placed, meaning you wont feel anything more than a faint scratch. 

The drugs won't send you to sleep – you'll be awake but you will be so calm and relaxed that you are not aware of what is going on or remember anything of your treatment afterwards!

Add some noise cancelling headphones and your favourite music, and sit back whilst treatment takes place.

One patient recently exclaimed  ‘I don’t know why anybody would bother seeing the dentist without it!’, and whilst we don’t agree entirely, we see his point!.  

2) Who does it?

We are fortunate in that Redcliffe boasts one of the leading specialists in the region who also carries out sedation at the practice. Dr Kathryn Taylor, aside from being a kind, friendly and approachable member of the team, is a specialist and honorary consultant in Oral Surgery, who also carries a diploma in Conscious Sedation from the University of Newcastle.

4) Am I suitable for sedation.

The majority of people can have sedation without any issue. For those who have a history of high blood pressure, this can cause complications and will need to be managed. Respiratory problems such as severe asthma or COPD, and pregnant patients will also need to be evaluated carefully.  

Please let your dentist know of any blood pressure issues you have when you come in, and she will be able to advise you what needs to happen to be able to proceed with sedation treatment.

5) How much does it cost?

The cost is £250/hour. (Usually one hour is enough, although for larger treatment plans additional time is charged at £100/30mins).

The cost of this is added to the overall treatment cost and paid at the end of treatment.

Patients who would like to finance their treatment can spread the cost of this from 12-60 months if they choose to (subject to status).

In the case of a treatment plan financed over 60 months this would add £4.69/Month to your repayment plan.

6) I’m interested in sedation what should I do?

New patients who are interested in sedation at Redcliffe should call 01513363012 and book a new patient consultation (£30). At that appointment your dentist will carry out a routine examination including any necessary small x-rays, and discuss with you what is involved with sedation.

Typically a blood pressure test is carried out along with reviewing your medical history to ensure you are suitable for sedation treatment. A convenient appointment is then booked with Kate and the specialist or dentist carrying out the work.

7) What aftercare do I need to consider?

Your dentist will take you through everything you need to do before and after treatment. In short we advise that you are accompanied by someone to the appointment who can also drive you home after treatment, and stay with you until the following morning.

8) Where is Redcliffe based?

Redcliffe is located in the market town of Neston. We serve Heswall, Parkgate, the Wirral, North Wales and Chester, although some of our patients do travel further. 

Redcliffe Dental Practice and Specialist Referal Centre,

25 Parkgate Road,


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