Redcliffe Makes Key Investment in CBCT Imaging Hardware


We are delighted to announce that Redcliffe Dental Practice and Specialist Referral Centre have just invested in a new Carestream CS8100 3D machine.

It is rare for a private dental practice to have their own CBCT machine, which are more commonly found in hospitals, and we are delighted to be able to offer access to this state of the art piece of equipment to our patients.

This machine will give our clinical team the ability to diagnose patient’s restorative problems more quickly, and in far more detail than was previously possible, allowing us in turn to provide better treatment planning, to communicate more detailed information about treatments simply to patients, and above all, to provide more effective, longer lasting treatments.

We are particularly excited that, for the first time, our implant and specialist referral patients can now be seen from start to finish, under one roof, whereas in the past they would have been referred to hospital or a private clinic for a CBCT scan, adding a number of weeks to the treatment duration.

This acquisition represents a key strategic investment for the practice, and our implant and specialist referral business and one that will improve the quality of the treatments we offer, and the speed at which patients can be treated.

We expect the machine to be installed, and fully operational, by the end of July 2017 and look forward to showing our patients it’s capabilities, as and when the need arises.

We will be taking external referrals from surrounding practices once the machine is setup, and the staff are trained appropriately. Referring dentists please contact for further information.

For existing and new patient appointments please call 0151 336 3012